Container Products Corporation Celebrates 35 Years of Serving the Nuclear Industry

35 yearsShortly after our incorporation in 1981, Container Products Corporation (CPC) found ourselves working in the nuclear arena. With our background in steel container fabrication, we were approached by CP&L-Brunswick with an order that would become monumentally important to our future. That initial order for CP&L-Brunswick became the B25 Container, and input from clients like Savannah River Nuclear Site helped us refine the design, turning the B25 into what is now regarded as the industry standard. With more than 300,000 B25 containers shipped worldwide, it’s a design, and legacy, we’re proud of.

CPC has expanded our container product line to included custom designs to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.  We have hundreds of custom designs for shipping radioactive material as IP-1, IP-2 or Type A packages.  CPC is the industry leader in shielded and non-shielded containers.  We manufacture containers fabricated from steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

As we continued to develop our business and expertise, we found there was a need for waste reduction, which led to the development of our first compactor. That initial compactor was a 12,000-pound Rolling Ram unit sold to CP&L, Brunswick Steam Electric Plant.  Over the years, the compaction force has grown from a 12,000-pound unit to units with more than 500,000-pounds of compaction force, and designs have evolved to include both box and drum compactors. CPC has produced more than 85 compactors for customers primarily in the United States, and most of those units are still in operation today—a testament to our design and fabrication capabilities as

On the heels of our success with compactor design, we were approached to develop a decontamination unit. We completed our first decontamination unit for the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1984, and once it successfully passed testing, we began fabrication on the first of more than 60 of these units that have shipped to clients worldwide. Our experience with these decontamination units led to more designs and more orders, including 40 additional decontamination booths and other decontamination equipment.

In the late 1990s, CPC began to expand by opening another container manufacturing facility near Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  CPC made several other strategic acquisitions that included a service company and machine shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We continued to provide innovations for the radioactive waste industry and explore new products for other market sectors.  CPC designed and built a single axle container for the fracing industry.  We manufactured a large number of these units, many of which are still in service.

The founder and owner of CPC, C.R. Johnston, passed away in 2000.  The decision was made at that time to divest the company of everything except our Charlotte and Wilmington facilities and focus on our core business.  This decision was the right one and we returned to our core strength: serving the nuclear industry.  Today we find ourselves in the enviable position of being the leading manufacturer of shipping containers.  CPC has an experienced staff with a broad base of knowledge.  Our key staff members have over 500 years of combined experience.  CPC continue to look for new opportunities, and partnership that build on our strengths.

We appreciate each of our loyal customers, many of whom we have known and worked with for decades, and we look forward to many more years of successfully serving the nuclear industry.

Container Products Corporation pioneered the development of metal containers for storage, transportation, and disposal of radioactive waste and other hazardous/toxic materials. CPC’s innovative design concepts and manufacturing techniques earned CPC the enviable position as the major supplier of waste reduction equipment, decontamination equipment, and containers to the nuclear and private sector industries. To learn more about CPC, visit, email or call (800)-635-5647.

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