CPC Keeps Current with Regulations Through Training

Wade Winters photoContainer Products Corporation is recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of shipping containers for radioactive waste.  Shippers have long relied on CPC as the experts when it comes to compliance with applicable regulations for Class 7 packaging. 

The question that one might ask is why would the experts look to an outside consultant for training on the Code of Federal Regulations and the IAEA Regulations for Safe Transport of Radioactive Material?  The answer is simply according to Art Bullock, CPC Engineering Manager, “CPC retained the services of Regulatory Resources Inc., to provide us with an objective, unbiased interpretation of the current regulations.” 

When asked why did CPC choose RRI as a resource partner?  The reply was, “to continue to be the best in our industry, our staff must have the best training possible.  CPC has had an association with RRI for a number of years and RRI has proven to be an invaluable resource in clarifying the regulations for Class 7 packaging”.

Wade Winters is President of Regulatory Resource Inc. as well as the principle trainer.  He personally visited CPC at their Wilmington, N.C., headquarters and conducted an Advanced Class 7 Packaging Specialty Workshop.  The two day seminar dealt with a wide range of issues related to the safety of radioactive waste transportation including the use of ISO freight containers.

Mr. Winters has a long history in the nuclear industry, first in waste operations, then transitioning over to training in plutonium metal processing.  The next step was providing training for an industry leader’s Trafficking (transportation) Department; it was here that he began to focus on Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials rules and helped improve Department of Energy (DOE) training programs.

Mr. Winters interacts with approximately 300 professionals a year through scheduled workshops and classes.  The rest of the year is spent consulting with other nuclear industry professionals to find the answers to all sorts of regulatory questions; according to Winters, answers to questions like these aren’t clear in many of the regulations and guidelines.  

“I like working with engineers and fabricators and transportation professionals,” he says. “When you’re talking to them and you see that lightbulb light up in their eyes—that moment when you see it click for them—it’s a satisfying moment.”

And a moment that’s critical to keep these same workers, the public, and the environment safe.

The recent training that RRI provided for CPC is another example of CPC’s dedication to the relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its business.  CPC is committed to compliance with all applicable regulation and providing value to our clients.  The relationship between CPC and RRI is one that is sure to benefit our industry for many years.  

Container Products Corporation pioneered the development of metal containers for storage, transportation, and disposal of radioactive waste and other hazardous materials.  CPC is the major supplier of waste reduction equipment, decontamination equipment, and containers to the nuclear and commercial industries. To learn more about CPC, visit www.c-p-c.net, email sales@c-p-c.com or call (800)-635-5647.

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