B12 Containers Are Versatile And Strong Storage Option

When most people think of industry standard containers, what immediately comes to mind are B25s.

IMG_20160119_153403However, B12s are just as deeply rooted in the history of steel containers as their 90ft3 companions. B12 containers have a variety of uses, and we have a vast number of different designs, depending upon your specific needs.

The B12 container is about 45ft3  and half the height of a B25, at 23 inches internally, making it ideal for smaller items and areas. The B12 is an ideal container to work with because of its low height and due to the fact that, in most cases, it still has the same payload capacity as a B25.

YellowB12Over the years, our customers have asked for a variety of different modifications to the original B12 designs. While the original B12 is still something we keep in our inventory today, we now have designs that include hinges lids, latches, divider panels, lift lugs, casters and much more. We have even gone as far as modifying a B12 that was used for medical waste.

Our B12s are currently being used at various plants as storage containers for lead blankets, equipment and tools, as well as disposal containers for contaminated parts.

Please contact us and CPC will help you find the right B12 to fit your needs.


Container Products Corporation pioneered the development of metal containers for storage, transportation, and disposal of radioactive waste and other hazardous/toxic materials. CPC’s innovative design concepts and manufacturing techniques earned CPC the enviable position as the major supplier of waste reduction equipment, decontamination equipment, and containers to the nuclear and private sector industries.  To learn more about CPC, visit www.c-p-c.net, email sales@c-p-c.com or call (800)-635-5647.



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