LQ375 Drop Test Video


When Perma-Fix needed customizable, modular and reusable waste transportation containers, an examination of the marketplace revealed only one product that fit their safety and transportation regulatory requirements – Container Products Corporation’s (CPC) LQ375 container.

Perma-Fix has provided nuclear, environmental and waste treatment services to clients in North America and the United Kingdom for more than 20 years. When a series of waste remediation and disposal projects for a Canadian client called for a certified Type A bulk container, Project Manager Mark Polley turned to CPC.

Mr. Polley knew CPC’s reputation for quality, certified waste containers, having seen Perma-Fix use them in the past, but the container he needed this time was tied to very precise requirements.

“Specifically [we needed] a Type A tote that was tested for liquids, to be used for projects in Canada,” he said.

The particular container Polley was looking for was the LQ375, a 375-gallon capacity container used for the transportation of contaminated and hazardous liquids. To be certified as a Type A container, the LQ375 had to pass a 30-foot drop test. During this test, a production-grade container is loaded to capacity with liquid and dropped onto an engineered pad consisting of a 1-inch steel plate attached to a steel-reinforced concrete slab that is form cast into the ground. The drop is violent, and, often, containers break or lose their seal as a result of the impact or flange or container wall deformity.

“CPC was the only company we found that could meet the design and testing requirements,” said Mr. Polley.

Certification of the container was only part of what Perma-Fix needed from CPC, the other requirement was in the design of the box.

According to Mr. Polley, “[we needed] the ability to customize the flange to accommodate multiple connections like level alarms, HEPA ventilation and the fill connection,” which meant CPC’s engineers had to design a container that was stable and certifiable under a variety of configurations. Fortunately for Perma-Fix, CPC’s three decades of experience in designing and fabricating certified containers that met a variety of client requirements meant they had the knowledge and resources for the build, test and full fabrication run. Once the final box was delivered, Mr. Polley said that he and Perma-Fix were impressed with CPC’s ability to manufacture their containers within the time frame and adhering not only to national and international certification standards, but also Perma-Fix’s internal QA standards.

Perma-Fix needed the LQ375s for two Canadian projects. Project 1 involved the remediation of two active liquid waste tanks. The mixed waste – radioactive and hazardous – needed to be removed from underground storage tanks, loaded into the LQ375s and prepared for acceptance at a treatment facility. Project 2 was an Intermediate Level Liquid Waste (ILLW) Disposal project that consisted of transferring ILLW from a facility storage tank into the LQ375s.

Each project needed a set of LQ375s, but through the ability to change the flanges to fit project-specific demand, unused containers from the first project could be used on the second one, providing a significant cost savings to Perma-Fix and their customer. Further cost savings were added in with Perma-Fix’s ability to clean the used containers and re-use them.

Part of Perma-Fix’s philosophy is to perform work in a “safe, compliant and environmentally responsible manner”. The LQ375s allowed them to meet regulatory requirements for transportation of radioactive liquid wastes in bulk packaging. This method is much safer than packaging and transporting radioactive liquid in drums. Thanks to the LQ375s, Perma-Fix was able to stay true to this guiding principle.

Container Products Corporation pioneered the development of metal containers for storage, transportation, and disposal of radioactive waste and other hazardous/toxic materials. CPC’s innovative design concepts and manufacturing techniques earned CPC the enviable position as the major supplier of waste reduction equipment, decontamination equipment, and containers to the nuclear and private sector industries. To learn more about CPC, visit www.c-p-c.net, email sales@c-p-c.com or call (800)-635-5647.


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