Meet the Team

Untitled collage(12)Jack Dahl is originally from Massachusetts, but moved with his parents to North Carolina at a young age. Looking for a career change, Jack, a former surveyor, came to Container Products Corporation in August of 1994.

During his time with Container Products, Jack has become extremely knowledgeable about all processes and highly skilled with all machinery, making him an invaluable member of our fabrication department.

In his off time, Jack likes to relax with his wife and kids, whom he considers the highlights of his life.

Jeff Wells is a North Carolina native with a background in welding who found his way to Container Products Corporation in February of 1985. Not only is Jeff a great welder, he is also honest, hard-working and extremely dependable.

These attributes make Jeff a valuable asset to Container Products, and a very important part of the production team.

Jeff is a sports fan, enjoying watching football, baseball and NASCAR in his free time.

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